Our Story

Udaan is a Field Action Project of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Udaan was born to address the intersectional issues addressed by the women residing in the slum of Baba Nagar in Rafiq Nagar in M-East ward in Mumbai. This is a low income neighbourhood situated adjacent to the largest and the oldest dumping ground in India. In 2017, the women living in the area along with the students of the institute got together to build the initiative in order to address the everyday marginalities of the women and the community at large. What started as a collectivisation under the banner of the Kamal Mahila Bachchat Gat (Self Help Group), is today a community-driven social enterprise. The women of Udaan come together to own and run a business, as key decision makers. The women are also invested in ideating and executing initiatives that benefit the community as a whole, based on the specific needs of the community.